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Choosing this elegant piece of furniture for your living room can be a little challenging. Finding the perfect sofas and loveseats is difficult because you are trying to achieve the exact look of the room that you have in your mind. Moreover, you are not ready to compromise the comfort for the look either; after all, the living room is where people tend to spend most of their time at home.

So if you are looking for just the right blend of comfort and aesthetics, sofas and loveseats can be the perfect addition to your living room. If you are still confused, plan ahead and know what exactly you want before you go shopping.

First and foremost, you should have an idea about the available space in the room. This will help you narrow down your options because now you know the size of furniture you are looking for. Next, you can take the style into consideration. These days, sofas and loveseats are available in a great variety of designs and styles. There are the traditional types and modern types too. You can find those with round edges, metal-based hand-rest, longer backrest areas and a perfect combination of styles and designs that will give your living room a unique look.

Don’t forget to check out all the styles available and pick the ones that go perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the room. Keeping that in mind, you should also consider the color and theme of your room before picking the right sofas and loveseats for your living room. When you are redecorating or changing the look of a certain room, it is common that you have a particular theme that you follow.

Choose furniture that complements the overall environment in the room. Some might choose sofas or loveseats that could blend with the rest of the furniture while others will pick something that stands out and accentuates the overall room. For instance, getting bright yellow sofas and loveseats is a great idea for a room with dark brown walls or flooring.

Last but not the least; choose the styles and fabrics carefully. If your living room is always filled with people, you will want to choose a style and fabric that is more durable and sturdy. Keep these factors in mind and pick the furniture accordingly.


EFURNISH honors wide range of sofa options and style trends:


ORIGIN TRENDS: The traditional Indian furniture originates in royalty and imperial outlook. Wooden  and carving sofas has been always trend and fashion in Indian society and people’s mindset. Understanding and following this tradition Efurnish is maintaining a wide range of wooden and traditional sofa options available to wider expectations. Introducing the lastest material for upholstery and joinery in sofa making Efurnish is yet balancing the tradition with trend. Original Teakwood, seasame wood sofas are the destination for the durability and long lasting performance.


Generation of globalization has introduced wide varieties in seating systems, which are more stylish yet comfortable. Efurnish has been continuously indulged in introducing of wide range of sofa trends and style to Indian house makers. We have never left a single option to deficiate your needs and expectations. The latest styles include ITALIAN, EUROPEAN and WESTERN designs to amuse our grand clientele.



ITALY and GERMANY has always been origins of designer furniture and upcoming styles. Designers from these countries has always been inspiration to the interior industry. EFURNISH is producing the designer couches and sofas inspired models thus creating access to INDIAN citizens. All the inspired models are manufactured with  maintaining top quality standards in each and every aspect of production process. Local manufacturing has allowed to make them available for customization and affordable.


Obviously not all furniture produced since this time is modern, for there is still a tremendous amount of traditional design being reproduced for today’s market and then of course there is also an entire breed of design which sits between the two, and is referred to as traditional design. Neither entirely modern or traditional, it seeks to blend elements of multiple styles. It often includes both modern and traditional as well as making visual reference to classical Greek form and / or other non western styles.

Today contemporary furniture designers and manufacturers continue to evolve design. Still seeking new materials, with which to produce unique forms, still employing simplicity and lightness of form, in preference to heavy ornament. And most of all they are still endeavoring to step beyond what has gone before to create entirely new visual experiences for us.

The designs that prompted this paradigm shift were produced in the middle of the 20th century, most of them well before 1960. And yet they are still regarded internationally as symbols of the modern age, the present and perhaps even the future. Modern Classic Furniture became an icon of elegance and sophistication. We at EFURNISH has never left stone unturned in introducing the western trends to local customers, although mechanization and expensive volatile nature is being a constraint.

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