Our homes reflect our personality, sense of aesthetics, and tastes. It’s easy to find home design inspiration online, in magazines, or in homes we visit. But turning these interior decoration  ideas into reality is the real challenge. This is where EFurnish Interiors, our interior design service comes  More

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From studio apartments to 4 bedroom villas, we know that homes are not just a matter of space, but also of family. We spend time understanding your lifestyle, and that of everyone you share your home with. Our recommendations are personalised to you, taking into account how you use your space.

Living Room

Starting from 53,500

Modern  Elegant

We used plenty of white to make the most of the abundant natural light. The plush carpet and cushions create a cosy room that’s crisp, with subtle pops of colour. The sideboard, a modern classic design, completes the space. The high-back sofa is perfect to entertain guests, and also to lounge in. Everything comes together to make the layout  intimate–where they can spend time together or alone.


    • 1. What are the services included in EFurnish’s Interior Design Solutions?
    • We offer personalised design solutions pertaining to furniture and decor.
      • After the Consultation Request is placed, our Consultant will call you to understand your requirements better.
      • Post the call consultant and our in-house designer will create a proposal so you can see your home as we envision it.
      • If you find the proposal to your liking then we can place the order for you or you can choose to place the order yourself on our website.
      • We also assemble and arrange all the selected furniture and/ or furnishings to your liking.
    • 2. Is there anything your team will not undertake?
    • We are currently unable to extend a complete, everything-included service. This means that we do not offer the following:
      • Customised wardrobes and kitechens
      • Structural changes to the space
      • Flooring
      • Bathroom décor, design, or fittings
      • False ceilings
      • Custom window treatments
      • Interior/Exterior Painting Service
    • 4. Could I engage your services for only 1–2 rooms in my house?
    • Yes. We would love to consult you in making, even the smallest part of your home beautiful. However, the detail of design/ proposal may vary as per the size of the project.
    • 5. What if I already have furniture that I want to use?
    • No problem! We’ll work with any existing furniture you have. We’ll make sure that our suggestions take it into consideration.
    • 6. What if I like something that you don’t have in your catalogue? Will your team source it or get it made for me?
    • Not at the moment. Product recommendations outside our catalogue is not something we currently offer. You’re of course welcome to choose products and merchandise, outside of our catalogue. However, we will not assemble or install these products.
    • 7. How long does it take from Proposal to Completion?
    • That’s really up to you. Some of our customers decide quicker than others, while some of them like to take their time. And that’s completely ok. Creating your dream home doesn’t happen in a snap, and we’ll take the time with you. However, from order confirmation to completion it takes 1 – 3 weeks.
    • 8. All that’s fine, but what if I don’t like the design proposal?
    • Into every life a little rain must fall. We completely understand if you don’t warm up to our designer’s suggestions. You can simply let us know at any point during the process, and we can part ways, with no hard feelings.
    • 1. How long does it take to deliver everything?
    • That depends on what you opt for in your personalised solution. The table below has individual delivery timelines.
    • Product


      Made-to-Order Sofas

      21 days

      Other Furniture

      7 – 15 days

    • 2. Can I stagger the delivery/ installations?
    • Yes, absolutely. We’ll work with you to deliver and / or install sections as it suits you.
  • You will have to pay 60% of the price on confirmation and 40% after completion of manufacturing.
    • 1. What if I don’t like any (or some) of the EFurnish products?
    • You can return the product on the spot at the time of delivery. If you have second thoughts about any product delivered while the EFurnish Interiors project is still ongoing, you can work with your designer to find something you like better.
    • 2. What if I change my mind after the order is delivered?
    • Sorry, we will not be able to process cancellation requests after the order is delivered.PLEASE NOTE: Returns and cancellations are subject to each product’s individual policy. Please check with your consultant or designer to know more.