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7 Fine ways to decorate your bedroom

It’s prominent to create a perfect blend of look for your bedroom interiors. Bedroom interiors should be reflecting your moods and choice of colors will be playing a vital role for future living. It may include simple furniture with great functionality like a simple bench at the bed foot board, a cozy study table for pleasure reading, whole bed set up matching with wallpapers and paint colors. From false ceiling to wooden flooring, shady lamps to carpets, here are 7 thoughtful ways to give your bedroom a great abode of peace and pleasure..


An average person spends a third of their life sleeping – that’s around 18,000 hours of sleeping. So, when buying a new bed for your bedroom, it is important that you make this decision carefully. Your selection of bed will determine your comfort and quality of sleep, and consequently your performance in your professional and personal life.
So, to help you with this important decision, we are listing the X things you should consider when buying a bed for your bedroom. This goes without saying that you should select a bed that can fit in your bedroom the perfect way. If your bedroom is too small, then a king size bed will not be advisable since it will not leave any space for moving around. Therefore, before buying a bed, look at your bedroom, write down its dimensions, and choose the bed accordingly.

While comfort is the primary consideration of selecting a bed, functionality should not be ignored either. The new bed designs offer a number of value-added features, such as storage and lighting. If you live in a small home, a storage bed can prove to be a real blessing for you. You can use the drawers underneath the bed to store the accessories or clothes you rarely use or any other thing. Similarly, beds that come with lighting feature create a dramatic atmosphere and make the environment warmer and more comfortable.


Decorate your bed with both skin friendly and eco friendly bed sheets and pillows. While using a comfortable mattress provides a relaxation but using linen or cotton spreads with a mixture of water colors or light reflecting colors will always elevate your mood and keep you energized most of times.


Try to keep some indoor plants which provide you some oxygen and purify the bedroom atmosphere. Furnishing your bedding area with natural flowers like jasmine, rose petals and lavenders as per your love towards them has been a wonderful tradition for a good sleep.


Window Blinds or shades name and functionality of  this category may adhere diffent styles of decorating. Most of the varieties in blinds are popularly availble in the market gives your bedroom the ultimate elegance and style. So, while selecting the blinds, style and colors should be given priority along with functionality. The two overall types of window blinds are ready-made blinds and  made to measure.Made to measureblinds are made to fit a given or measured window size. Ready-made blinds are manufactured in set sizes that can be cut down to fit any window.

These blinds can be classified broadly into six different categories: roller blinds (which do not have slats but consist of a single piece of material), Roman blinds, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds, Shoji Japanese blinds and vertical blinds.


Blinds can be made in a variety of materials, some expensive, and some less so. Cheaper blinds are usually made in polyester, aluminum, or PVC. These are inexpensive materials that are all easily accessible and durable at the same time.

A window blind is a means of screening a window, achieving similar results to those obtained by fitting curtains. Blinds are typically the same width and height as the window itself or slightly wider and taller—depending on whether they are fixed inside (Recess) or outside (Facefix) the window’s reveal (i.e. the wall recess within which the window itself is fixed).

Window blinds have varying thermal effects: they can block unwanted heat of the summer sun and they can keep in heat in cold climate. But in both of these applications, they also reduce light to varying degrees, depending on the design. Many kinds of blinds attempt varying balances of privacy and shade. Blinds can be made of a number of different materials and manufactured in a number of different ways. This usually determines the name by which the blind is commonly known.


Blinds made of fabric can either be rolled up thanks to a thin cord and small horizontal slats (Roman blind), folding blinds with no horizontal slats create a less structured look (Austrian blinds). Most fabric used to make blinds come from Norway. Many fabrics are used including cotton, polyester, wool, viscose and silk to create the blinds. A silk cloth can be present or embroidery stitch, which will give tissue varied terrain. If you combine silk and cotton, it is possible to achieve a two-layered fabric, similar to the skin of the animal.

Roller Blinds

Custom Made Roller Blinds come in blockout, translucent and sunscreen options, they are mounted on a metal headrail and operated with a side chain or spring mechanism. Lower cost and ready made blinds often come with a PVC pole instead of a metal headrail.


Wood blinds on an outside window.

Wooden blinds (Venetian blinds)

Wooden blinds are generally known as Venetian blinds. A number of horizontal wooden slats are joined together by corded pulleys which can either gather all the slats at the top of the window to reveal the view or simply angle the slats while allowing some light to travel through the blind yet retaining some level of privacy. Wooden blinds come in a number of finishes (determined by the type of wood used, which ranges from painted to most types of solid oak varieties) and sizes (determined by the width of each slat which is usually available in one of three widths—25 mm, 35 mm or 50 mm). Wooden Venetian blinds are also available as vertical blinds. These are usually made up of wider slats and operate in virtually the same way as their horizontal counterparts (i.e. instead of being drawn upwards to reveal the window, the draw to one side gathering in a vertical bunch).

Pinoleum blinds

Pinoleum blinds are made up of small wooden twigs laid horizontally which are joined together by vertical threading. The resulting weave is, as a result, only flexible vertically and can be drawn upwards once manufactured as a roller blind or in a similar fashion to a Venetian blind. Conservatory blinds are often made with Pinoleum.

In Malaysia, an outdoor blind is sometimes called a “chik”. The word was carried over from India by the British during the colonial times.

Faux wood

Faux wood blinds are an alternative to real wood blinds. Faux wood is also known in some countries as Plaswood (Plastic & Wood). Made of a composite of man-made materials and natural wood particles, faux wood can be a less expensive choice than natural wood. These blinds have become more popular as the products have matured, becoming cheaper and more versatile at the same time offering more of a natural wood look. Current faux wood blinds are warp resistant, have UV ratings as high as 500 and come in colors that would be hard to find in natural wood blinds. Because of their resistance to warping, faux wood window blinds are suitable for areas with extreme temperature swings or high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


The most easiest way to bring out your artistic nature into reality is using experimenting with wall colors and wall papers.  Introduction of new technology in painting and wall paper industry has created huge exposure to try some funky and artful ways to decorate the bedroom walls. As experimenting with wall colors has some extent of limitaions in the form of textured paints and murals, but printed and self adhesive wall papers has no limitations for your creativity. Your taste of art can be realised with 3D printing  and deigital wallpapers, nowadays they have become very afforadble nad accessible. Some of the options are discussed below..

Modern wallcoverings are diverse, and what is described as wallpaper may no longer actually be made from paper. Two of the most common factory trimmed sizes of wallpaper are referred to as “American” and “European” rolled goods. American rolled goods are 27 inches (69 cm) by 27 feet (8.2 m) in length. European rolled goods are 21.5 inches (55 cm) wide by 33 feet (10 m) in length, approximately 60 square feet (5.6 m2). Most wallpaper borders are sold by linear foot and with a wide range of widths therefore square footage is not applicable. Although some may require trimming.

Custom wallpaper printing

New digital inkjet printing technologies are using ultraviolet (UV) cured inks are being used for custom wallpaper production. Very small runs can be made, even a single wall. Photographs or digital art are output onto blank wallpaper material. Typical installations are corporate lobbies, restaurants, athletic facilities, and home interiors. This gives a designer the ability to give a space the exact look and feel desired.

High-tech wallpaper

New types of wallpaper under development or entering the market in the early 21st century include wallpaper that blocks certain mobile phone and Wifi signals, in the interest of privacy. The wallpaper is coated with a silver ink which forms crystals that block outgoing signals.

The Spanish firm Think Big Factory has announced that they are developing a wallpaper which also serves as a computer interface, using projectors, webcams, and motion sensors for control. As of 2013, The hardware was complete but only 20 per cent of the software was finished, according to Think Big Factory.

Wallpaper design as a means of artistic expression

Printing of customised and artistic wallpapers has no limitations for someones creativity. Your bedroom can be as reaslistic as you are dreaming.


Bedroom flooring can be selected as per your budget considerations. Huge categories of tiles, marbles and wooden flooring options availble in the industry can sometimes confuse you. The look of Flooring has a integral part while projecting your bedroom look. Although wooden flooring has a natural impact, granite and designer marbles will leave astonishing look. So, far in the decorating industry granites are considered as the compounds of royalty.



In the recent times the inculsion of seating area within bedroom has gained a vital importance. A study section or couch seating for pleasure reading is compulsory functionality. A two seater bench  below the bed wakes up your mind, an outdoor seating in the balcony with set of table relishes your energy.


Inclusion of great color scheme and adding trendy furniture is what you need to keep up the style and have a perfect blend of saturated look. Beyond that your budget limitations might restrict some of the creativity but researching helps you rach the soul.






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